For a better understanding of the new recommendations for the dengue vaccine implementation.

The 6th Expert meeting on dengue vaccine implementation in Latin America was held June 22 and 23 2018 in Lima, Peru.

The meeting convened a permanent group of Latin America and other international experts on dengue and vaccination. This group was endorsed by the regional societies SLIPE (Latin American society of pediatric infectiology), ALAPE (Latin American association of pediatrics) and API (Pan American association of infectiology).

The meeting objective was to update the regional advisory group Position Paper on dengue vaccination in Latin America, based on new manufacturer product label and WHO recommendations, as well as discussions on relevant concepts, latest evidence, and implementing countries experiences.

EpiLinks participated in the meeting, summarized all the discussions and produced a full meeting report that was used to develop new IDI dengue vaccine recommendations.

Client/Funder: Sanofi Pasteur Colombia

Project duration: 2 months (2018)

Contact: Isabelle Delrieu