Strengthening of public health systems in countries of East and Southern Africa.

An increased risk of health emergencies has been noted in the East and Southern Africa Region. Many infectious diseases are widespread, such as cholera, malaria and measles and other humanitarian crises also affect the region. These health emergencies impact both outbreak response efforts and delivery of routine healthcare activities by increasing inequalities and yielding a negative impact on the overall health of the affected populations. The COVID-19 pandemic has further burdened the already precarious health systems.

The project aims to Identify opportunities to strengthen health systems, enhance emergency preparedness and strengthen the resilience of immunization programs for disease outbreaks and health emergencies, while maintaining the other primary healthcare service packages.

To achieve the objective, we perform a risk analysis of disease outbreaks and other humanitarian crises in selected countries in the region.  We assess the lessons learnt with regards to Ebola virus disease (EVD) preparedness to bolster outbreak preparedness and response activities. We assess the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the continuity of immunization services, and we develop a practical mapping tool designed to identify health emergency hazards and risk.

Client/Funder: UNICEF

Project duration: 2021

Contact: Philippe Jaillard