Technical assistance to UNICEF in supporting the health authorities for COVID-19 vaccine deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine poses unprecedented challenges that health authorities must face, and rely on an efficient and flexible supply chain. These include: vaccination targets composed of prioritized populations such as the elderly, vulnerable persons, and health care workers; characteristics of vaccines, some of which must be transported and stored under extreme conditions; limited availability of vaccines globally and uncertain supplies.

Based on a complete inventory of equipment, and an assessment of maintenance and monitoring procedures and workforce capacity, we are developing a plan for the rehabilitation of the cold chain and the strengthening of the supply chain, in at the sub-national level.  The results of the assessment will be discussed with stakeholders who will be able to argue for the mobilization of adequate resources from their partners.  

Client/Funder: UNICEF

Project duration: 2021

Contact: Philippe Jaillard