A toolkit for country decision makers, program planners and local implementers.

Based on results of long-term clinical trial data confirming differences in dengue vaccine performance based on prior dengue infection, Sanofi Pasteur proposed an update label for Dengvaxia®, the dengue vaccine, and the World Health Organization (WHO) provided revised recommendations for its use in endemic countries. The preferred option consider only offering vaccination to those who have documented evidence of a past dengue infection. The resulting Screen and Vaccinate (S&V) strategy considers pre-screening of eligible vaccine recipients using specific rapid diagnostic tests for previous dengue infection.

A range of activities is developed by EpiLinks to support endemic countries in Latin America and Asia Pacific with this novel strategy for vaccine implementation.

The dengue vaccine implementation toolkit previously developed is updated and improved on a range of topic, e.g., implementation strategies, communication, logistics, or S&V session organisation… Each module considers specificities according to possible approaches (Screen and Vaccination in campaigns or routine programs, vaccination of laboratory-confirmed clinical cases), and strategies (different intervention settings, 1-step vs 2-step strategies for Screen and Vaccination).

A dedicated webpage will be developed, including essential information, modules and interactive tool downloads, as well as links to relevant websites and documents.

Moreover, science communication activities are carried out to share ideas and gather feedback from national implementers and international stakeholders. A presentation was made and discussed during the workshop on pre-vaccination screening strategies for dengue, organized in January 2020 by the PDC / GDAC (Fondation Mérieux, Annecy). This meeting led to the publication of a scientific article published in Vaccine “Pre-vaccination screening for the use of Dengvaxia: rapid diagnostic tests and implementation strategies”.

Client/Funder: Sanofi Pasteur

Project duration: 2020-2021

Contact: Isabelle Delrieu