A tool to facilitate the implementation of the yellow fever strategy in high-risk countries.

The strategy to “Eliminate Yellow fever Epidemics” (EYE) is a comprehensive, multi-component approach aiming at addressing the emerging global threat due to yellow fever’s changing epidemiology, resurgence of mosquitoes and risk of international spread. EpiLinks contributes developing a toolkit for high-risk endemic countries to support the implementation of the EYE strategy.  Twelve modules compile guidance notes, check lists and Gantt charts for preparing, implementing and monitoring EYE-related activities. This toolkit describes the three EYE objectives:

  1. Protect at-risk population (no epidemic)
  2. Prevent international spread (no exportation)
  3. Contain outbreak rapidly (no sustained transmission)

Client/Funder: WHO Geneva 

Project duration: 4 months (2018-2019)

Contact: Elise Guillermet