Regional brainstorming for the development of guidelines for the implementation of the dengue vaccine.

The state of Paraná in Brazil has conducted community-based campaigns for dengue vaccination during 2016-2018.

Following the new Sanofi Pasteur product label and revised WHO position paper, a test-and-vaccinate strategy is now recommended for dengue vaccination.

Based on lessons learned in Paraná, and with support of national experts on public health, dengue vaccination and dengue diagnostic test, the workshop allowed generating information and guidelines with the aim to inform and advise the federal state on practical implementation of dengue vaccination in schools.

During this workshop held in November 2018 in Curitiba, EpiLinks was in charge of facilitation, development of information document and operational guidelines.

Client/Funder: Sanofi Pasteur

Project duration: 3 months (2018)

Contact: Isabelle Delrieu